Partnership expresses in our daily business practice.
It is our brand and obligation.

Konrad Goździor, Tax Advisor

If you have already cooperated with others, you will be surprised by our perfect
communication that for our Partners testifies our cooperation quality.

Izabela Czaplicka, Manager

We do not divide our Customers into "small" and "large".
We offer everyone the same, highest service level.

Michał Przybył, Senior Consultant

If you tell us today, where you go, tomorrow we will show you that
soon you can be further than you imagine.

Aleksandra Filipiak, Consultant

We do not think that we know everything.
We employ the best specialists to be able to get to know everything.

Przemysław Kowalski, Managing Partner

The way we act today will create our image through the next years.
That’s why we cannot allow ourselves to only promise partnership.

Remigiusz Nowicki, Senior Consultant
  • Financial review

    Do you need to audit or review financial statements or a project to be financed from the EU funds? Or maybe you want a piece of financial advice? Check us out!

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  • Subsidies and investment rabates

    We have drafted several hundreds of financing applications. We have gained millions in subsidies. Our partners can only be satisfied. Check us out!

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  • Business advisory

    We appraise, manage and consult projects. Check it out for yourself. We will not let you get lost in the maze of regulations, legal constraints and statutory requirements. 

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  • Taxes

    Frequent changes of laws and inconsistencies in legislation keep you awake at night, and you still want to conquer international markets. We know how to bite this.

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  • Environment friendly services

    We know how to reduce the cost of electricity. We know how to make you benefiting from renewable energy sources in your business. We will guide you to get the financing of your own renewable energy sources

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